Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We get asked a lot of questions daily. We collate some of these here for reference

What is the IHPA?

IHPA is a Trade Association, Incorporated in the UK with the aim of representing Independent Health Professionals. Our structure, being limited by guarantee, is identical to that used by other trade associations such as the BMA.

Prior to incorporation, we were the unincorporated trade association known as the Locum Doctors Union or LDU (please see significant media coverage under that name) and worked in collaboration with Locum Doctors Union Ltd (a private limited company). This private company briefly held money in trust for our members in an agreement, reached in public at our Inaugural Meeting, and provided supporting banking services for our association whilst we were unincorporated. This alliance ended on 30 June 2017.

The LDU (unincorporated) is now owned by the Independent Health Professionals Association and continues to exist as an unincorporated association within IHPA advocating for doctors.

To avoid confusion, please note that we are not in any way affiliated with the private limited company with the, potentially misleadingly, similar name Locum Doctors Union Limited - this is a private company.

What has IHPA achieved so far?

The IHPA, then trading as Locum Doctors Union (unincorporated) got NHSI to make a U-Turn on their decision to apply blanket implementation of IR35 rules on all healthcare workers without carrying out proper assessments, which they are legally bound to do. NHSI also made a U-turn on the ban of use of PSC's within the NHS.

A cursory search presents our successes as reported in national papers

Who are the IHPA?

First and foremost, the IHPA is the membership. The people who's voice and concerns we make heard.

The core team that achieved the successes to date remain intact and we reassure you that we continue in the same vein; challenging the unlawful implementation of IR35 in a robust manner.


We are no longer affiliated with Locum Doctors Union Ltd (Reg 10102882).