Challenge Healthcare IR35

A not-for-profit association

The IHPA, a not for profit association, brings together the Locum Doctors Union and several other nursing and allied health professional's groups under a unified partnership.

In large part due to failures of training recruitment and retention, Independent Health Professionals make up a large part of the UK healthcare workforce. We remain vital in plugging rota gaps, supporting substantive colleagues whilst enabling the continued delivery of safe health care.

These self same health care professionals who leave their homes often travelling hundreds of miles to cover shifts, without guarantee of continued work, do not receive holiday or sick pay, protection from unfair dismissal or pensions have seen several changes in the way they operate. This has been forced upon them with no recourse to challenge.

Legal Challenges

This is where we come in. We embarked on a series of challenges against the inaccurate way NHSI instructed NHS Trusts to implement IR35 off payroll rules. We achieved some success. In reality, little has changed with Trusts still having difficulty interpreting and implementing the rules, lawfully.

We are now at a stage where we have to move on to the next phase; implement legal challenges to Trusts who do not carry out the assessments as required by law.

We invite all locum doctors, agency nurses, AHPs; independent, agency and contract health workers to Join Us in making a robust response to the unlawful implementation.

The reality of the current state of the NHS is that locums/temp healthcare workers remain genuine stakeholders in its success. Their views matter and should be given expression. This can be acheived  through mutual respect. alliances and partnerships.